From “P.O.T.T” to “TIDE PRIDE” (Part Three)

Whereas the first two parts of “From P.O.T.T. to TIDE PRIDE” covered the creation of TIDE PRIDE in 1987-88 and the program’s kickoff for the 1988 season, this final part will cover, oh, the next 32 years. So, in the wise words of Briscoe Darling, “Just jump in where you can and hang on.” TIDE […]

From “P.O.T.T.” to “TIDE PRIDE” (Part Two)

From “P.O.T.T.” to “TIDE PRIDE” (Part Two) (Click on this link for Part One of “From P.O.T.T. to TIDE PRIDE”: Usually, when you see a lawyer rummaging through your filing cabinets, you get nervous. Real nervous. In this case, though, UA System attorney Robert Potts’ presence was not only requested, but welcomed with open […]